CatchOn Labs

Create your first NFT app

Go to Catchon platform website.
  1. 1.
    Click connect wallet with your preferred wallet. (Using metamask as an example here)
2. Click Launch app to sign in website
3. Create a new NFT app (smart contract)
Click add app on left side tap to create my first NFT app.
A form will pop up. User needs to choose the app name, token name, token symbol, and collection size. Those configurations are unchangeable.
Click Create my app to create a new NFT smart contract.
4. Set mint related configurations.
Go to Configuration tab. Then go to Mint information section. Click edit button on top-right.
A configuration form pops up. Choose the mint configurations as required. Click Save to confirm configurations.
5. Set unrevealed image and information to show on NFT DEX
Go to NFT unrevealed preview section, and click edit button on top-right section. A configuration form pops up. Choose NFT name, description and unrevealed image. Click next, then click Create to confirm it.