CatchOn Labs

Who is CatchOn Labs?

“It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. If enough people think the same way, that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.”—Satoshi Nakamoto
CatchOn Labs is born in Silicon Valley. Our team consists of ex-big tech engineers, with at least 6 years industry experience of software development.
Twitter: CatchOnLabs
As NFT builders, CatchOn Labs implements lots of smart contracts and websites to make sure minting and revealing smoothly. As NFT traders and players, CatchOn Labs used to implement many NFT tools, such sniper bots, MEV and public mint tools. With full experiences of NFT development, we are not only developers of NFT, but also contributors/believers of NFT. We will make every tech details perfect on your NFT projects. ‍
Show cases:
NFT project Boxcatplanet:
ETHSF hackathon IFPS top9 award:
Hacking time squre:
NFT black magic is the founder of CatchOn Labs, who is a NFT tech youtuber.
Founder youtube page: