CatchOn Labs

Roadmap of CatchOn Labs

How is the future of Catchon?
We are focusing on building a platform that allows web3 users to create and manage their digital assets without needing to have any coding knowledge. This no code platform will provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to participate in the growing world of web3 technologies and NFTs. By removing the technical barriers to entry, we hope to make web3 more accessible to a wider audience and drive greater adoption of this exciting new technology.

2022 Q4

  • CatchOn Pad no-code ecommerce platform release (Alpha test)
  • CatchOn Pad no-code NFT launch platform release (Alpha test)
  • CatchOn CDN low code solution release (Open source)

2023 Q1

  • CatchOn Pad no-code ecommerce platform beta test
  • CatchOn Pad aggregator release (Alpha test)

2023 Q2

  • CatchOn CDN membership function (Alpha test)